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Watch The Game Season 5 Episode 7 Online Airing on Tuesdayat 10pm EST on BET, episode 7 of the hit sitcom sees Tasha and Melanie duke itout, while Star Jones also makes an appearance.. That, and of course all thedrama, laughs, and sexy you’ve come to expect from the show.­

BET‘s popular comedy-drama TV series “The Game Season 5Episode 7” is back!­

As the #1 sitcom debut in the history of all cable TV,season 4 of The Game left viewers on the edge of their seats, and the seductioncontinues as infidelity, ambition, secrets and betrayal collide to make Season5 the most compelling yet.­

The Game Season 5 Episode 7 picking up where it left off,the show’s 5th season features the entire principal cast, including Melanie(Tia Towry Hardrict), Derwin (Pooch Hall), Malik (Hosea Chanchez), Tasha (WendyRaquel Robinson) and Jason (Coby Bell), as well as notable guest appearancesfrom R&­B singer Brandy and many others.­

The Game Season 5 Episode 7 in this week’s episode, titled“Drink, Pray, Love” Malik is forced to sell his huge mansion, and Melaniethinks she and Derwin need a date night, so they go out and find Tasha at abar, where Melanie mocks Tasha from the moment they walk in the door.­

Meanwhile, Jason finds out that the network has hired anattractive female co-anchor for his TV show, and Chardonnay tries to slap somesense into him after he gets pissed off and starts insulting his new co-anchor.­

Showing off her new blonde hairstyle, Rihanna flaunted thatperfectly sexy body of hers in a sheer bodysuit as she was spotted leaving aSuper Bowl party at Greystone Manor nightclub in West Hollywood Sunday night(Feb 5).­

Her ex boyfriend Chris Brown and former rumored loveinterest (and 2-time collaborator) Drake were also in the building partying itup, which makes the second time in the past 2 weeks that Rihanna and ChrisBrown have publicly breathed the same air at the exact same place.­

On January 22nd, the pair were spotted leaving GreystoneManor after a night of partying, but they didn’t leave together, nor were theyspotted even acknowledging each other’s presence inside the venue.­

Brown, who was with his girlfriend Karrueche, left the clubthrough the front door, while Rihanna exited through a side door and hoppedinto her own SUV.­

The week before, Chris’ reps had put out a statementinsisting that he and Rihanna are “just friends” following a tabloid reportstating that the former lovers would “meet up very casually” and Rihanna “comesto see Brown anytime she’s in L.A.”­

“He and Rihanna are just friends,” Chris’ reps noted. “He iswith his girlfriend, Karrueche, and is not cheating.”­

Chris and Rihanna are both set to perform Sunday night atthe Grammys, and they are both up for multiple awards. Do you think they’lltake any pictures or do anything together?­

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