Watch One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 6 Online Free Catastrophe and the Cure

'One Tree Hill' season 9 is off to a great start, but fans want to know what is going to happen next. Season 9 episode 6 is coming next week and you can watch the sneak peek by clicking play on the video to the left. Buddy TV posted the sneak peek and spoilers for fans on Thursday.

If you want to find out if Nathan Scott is still alive, you can find it in this article. The preview to the left for 'Catastrophe and the Cure' shows Dan Scott talking to Julian Baker. He tells him that he needs a workspace and will pay him $3,000 a month to use his studio, but he isn't allowed to ask questions. With Dan Scott, there is no telling what he has up his sleeve.

Mouth also goes to his news show to talk about the fact that Nathan Scott has been reported missing. They are getting the word out there and trying to do what they can to find him. Julian and Dan go out together trying to find Nathan.

Do you think that Nathan is going to make it through what is going on with him? This preview does show him getting punched in the face. Is he still okay or are they trying to show us what happened to him? Sound off in the comments below on what you think about this final season of 'OTH.'

Many fans have discussed the fact that Dan Scott could be the one to die this season, but the way it looks fans could lose favorite Nathan Scott. Who do you think is under the sheet when Haley has to identify a body?

In the new episode 6, Dan is going to enlists Julian to help in his search for Nathan. Mouth will fill Clay in about Nathan, as Haley explains Nathan’s disappearance to Jamie. Brooke is going to get an idea of how to bring customers to an empty Karen’s CafĂ©. Chris Keller will confront Chase about Tara.

Dan is seen,talking with Julian about a work space and 3 grand a month. Nathan’s disappearance causes headlines. Julian offers to help Dan with his investigation,and appears to have gotten beat up at some point. Episode 6 airs Wednesday,February 15th.

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