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Watch Justified Season 3 Episode 5 Online. You may be a fanof Archer and The League, but for me, the FX network’s best offering isJustified and Season 3 is as rootin’ and tootin’ as ever. The show airs onTuesdays and we’ve had a look at what’s to come.­

Justified Season 3 Episode 5 Deputy U.S. Marshall RaylanGivens has faced-off against the Miami mob and against Season 2′s backwoodsversion of Ma Barker, Mags Bennett. Lucky for us, the character, developed fromthe Elmore Leonard short story titled “Fire in the Hole” and acted by TimothyOlyphant has survived it all. Next he’ll tango with dirty politicians and bigcity criminals. There’s also a mystery man called Limehouse to contend with.What I really want to know, however, is what’s next for his old foe, BoydCrowder.­

Justified Season 3 Episode 5 Until that particular morsel isrevealed, the news I do have comes from TV Line. In upcoming Episode 5 of theaction drama, scheduled to air on Feb. 14th, we’ll meet actress Maggie Lawson.Psych fans know her pretty well. She’ll be acting as a nurse who teases Raylanwith very important information.­

Justified Season 3 Episode 5, a Lost alumnus will continuehis stint on the series. Actor William Mapother is an “Oxy-addicted,woman-beating bar owner”. Sometimes it ain’t pretty, but a law man’s job isnever done.­

Going into the third season of FX’s Justified, the questionlikely to be on the minds of fans is, “How can this show top its secondseason?” It’s too soon to tell, but having screened the first few episodes ofSeason 3, Justified is back, for better or worse. So far, I’d say for better. ­

Justified is developed by Graham Yost and based on the shortstory Fire in the Hole and other works by crime novelist Elmore Leonard. Theseries stars Timothy Olyphant as an oftentimesshoot-first/ask-ques­tions-later-type of U.S. Marshal named Raylan Givens. Thefirst season had him returning to his home county of Harlan where he now worksand deals with the crime that falls into his jurisdiction. Drugs seems to bethe recurring theme among a lot of the crime in Harlan, whether it bemarijuana, or in the case of Season 3, prescription drugs.­

Minor spoilers ahead (assuming you're caught up on Season2!) ­

With the excellent Mags Bennett story (and fantastic, muchdeserved Emmy winning performance by Margo Martindale) wrapped up by theconclusion of Season 2, the show is forced to move forward without her.However, while Mags may be gone, her legacy, which includes the aftermath ofSeason 2 and a fair amount of weed, carries over into Season 3 a bit as thecharacters' stories pick up. The season opener has Raylan recovering from hisgunshot wound to the abdomen and working on a case that requires thecooperation of his once friend, now (mostly) nemesis Boyd Crowder (WaltonGoggins). In addition to reintroducing us to the series and the characters, theseason introduces us to an excellently creepy hitman and a number of othervillainous-types. A later episode delivers Carla Gugino’s character, who usedto work with Raylan, to the series. ­

It takes a few episodes to really begin to see exactly wherethe story is going in Season 3, but that’s typical for a slow-boil drama likeJustified. Winona’s pregnancy, which was revealed at the end of Season 2, seemsto be nudging her relationship with Raylan forward. Whether that's a good thingor not, likely depends on how people feel about the relationship. There's apart of me that thinks they make sense as a couple, and another part of me thatsort of prefers the idea of a more available Raylan. I'm completely on thefence on that one at this point and the start of Season 3 did little to push mein either direction. ­

Meanwhile, Boyd’s involvement in what’s going on in thethird season feels a bit detached from everyone else, but that’s not acomplaint. As a semi-villain who doesn’t fall into the category of cut-and-drybad-guy, some context for his motives needs to be established, and the start ofSeason 3 seems to be doing that as we see him eventually finding his footing inHarlan once again. ­

For those of you who are looking for action, or morespecifically, violence, you’ll find plenty of intense moments at the start ofthe third season. While watching the episodes, it occurred to me that Justifiedis a series that rarely draws its weapon without the intent to fire. I meanthat almost literally, as it seems rare that guns are drawn in this series, ina scene that doesn’t soon feature at least one person getting shot. And yet,somehow, the show doesn’t rely on that to remain good, nor is ever all thatpredictable. We’re always kept on the edge of our seats, while bits of humorare used occasionally to cut the tension.­

Season 3 offers numerous jaw-dropping moments in addition torebuilding the story from a relatively new place, as new characters and newchallenges are introduced. Where it’s going, it’s impossible to say or even topredict at this point, but one of the things I’ve come to love about the showsince getting caught up on the first two seasons recently, is how each episodebuilds on the story while also delivering a measure of satisfaction that makesthe season’s journey as fulfilling as its conclusion. Whether Season 3 can liveup to the standards set by the series’ second season remains to be seen, but itsure does get off to a great start. Raylan Givens is back.­

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