Top Chef Masters Season 3 Episode 9 FULL-VIDEO

Watch Top Chef Masters Season 3 Episode 9 A Soldier's Story Online Streaming In Full Video. The expected storyline is here: The master chefs guide novices step-by-step in making identical dishes.

Later, the chefs pay their homage to returning U.S. troops by serving up their favorite dishes. Previously on Blinded Me with Science: The Masters demonstrate their savvy with modern-day kitchen gadgetry to create a breakfast plate. Later, they use their flair with chemistry at a science fair to make a dish worthy of first prize.

The reality series summary for season three: Season three hits the grill with a sizzle and some major changes. The competition has been retooled so that it is closer to the mother ship in format, has a smaller group of chefs and the resident critics have been pared down to two. What has not changed are the chefs at the top of their games, unique challenges, and a star-studded guest critic list.

12 master chefs compete in Quickfire and Elimination challenges as each one vies for the title of Top Chef Master and $100,000 for his or her charity. This season’s challenges will use some of the Top Chef favorites, only with master twists to match these chefs’ superior skills. Curtis Stone joins as host, and food critic and author Ruth Reichl begins her tour as judge with James Oseland, who returns from seasons one and two. A Magical Elves production.

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