South Park Season 15 Episode 7 FULL-VIDEO

Watch South Park Season 15 Episode 7 You're Getting Old Online Streaming. We are done with Butters funny case wherein the poor kid was trapped on someone’s ploy. It started when he distributes flyers for a newly opened City Sushi restaurant, when Tuong Lu Kim find-out that he had competition, he then visited the newly opened restaurant and started a fight, sadly it was Butters who receives the blame.

Butters’ parents, thinking that their parenting is not the problem as they think they are “awesome”, takes Butters to therapy where he ends up being misdiagnosed with Multiple personality disorder by shrink Dr. Janus. However, it would turn out that Janus actually has Multiple personality disorder and unknowingly puts Butters in situations that make the boy appear more mentally unfit and the rest was a big riot. But at the end of the previous episode, the police decided to keep Lu Kim around since he owns the only Chinese restaurant in South Park.

Surprising yet another happy ending from South Park but do you think the craziness is over? Nah, because the series itself got bunch of those, and this coming 8th of June, wrapped your gift because Stan will celebrate his tenth birthday in South Park season 15 episode 7. Though, it seems not everyone are please to see him getting old as he begins to change his view of the world around him and, as a result, he becomes ostracized by the other boys at school. Getting old and thinking way older, that makes him different, will Stan be the next jokes in town or the kid who will make the parents drop their jaw? Meanwhile, a “tween music” craze sweeps through South Park Elementary. Who play the song, better ask the kids who always know how to disturbed our nights and made us laugh like we never did before.

With a title of “You’re Getting Old”, be sure to stick around and catch the newest pack of hilarity!

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