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The Walking Dead season 2 continues this week with episode 9, "Triggerfinger," and promotional photos are out teasing what's coming up with Rick, Glenn, and Hershel in the bar and walkers.

Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 "Triggerfinger" Promotional Photos

In addition to a promo and sneak peek, there are also photos out from the episode that reveal that Rick, Hershel, and Glenn are going to be in trouble after Rick killed Dave and Tony. It turns out they weren't lying about having friends, and now, those friends are looking for them. It's not like they can just let them into the bar where their friends' bodies are lying, obviously shot dead and not attacked by walkers, but by keeping them out, it's very suspicious. Yes, Rick had no choice but to shoot them, but it's not like he can explain that to their friends.

Instead, they're going to have figure out a way to deal with these new people, more walkers of course, and getting back to the farm so Hershel can take care of Beth—and Lori, though they don't know that yet. Even Hershel's armed in this situation; it's not like any of them can afford to go on and on about being hopeless right now. If ever a situation could sober someone up, it's this, and it looks like there's no reason to even think about Hershel's drinking from The Walking Dead season 2 episode 8, "Nebraska."

The other photo out shows a body lying in the grass while three walkers stumble forward. Could this body be one of Dave and Tony's friends? Could they end up being walker food, as the two groups argue, or could this be part of another scene?

Major episode spoilers have hit the web for AMC’s The Walking Dead season 2, episode 9 “Triggerfinger.” Spoiler alert: stop reading now if you don’t want to know exactly what will happen next week!

The spoilers are of course, unconfirmed so take the following information with a grain of salt.

After her car accident, Lori regains consciousness only to discover that walkers are trying to get her through her shattered windshield. She somehow manages to kill a pair of them before climbing out of the car.

Shane leaves the barn to look for her and he finds Lori walking down the road. He lies and tells her that Rick, Glenn and Hershel are back safely at the farm to get her to agree to return with him.

Once she returns to the farm, she realizes that Shane lied to her and they have a conversation during which Lori tells him to forget about him. He of course, won’t.

Back at the bar, Rick, Glenn and Hershel are getting ready to leave when a car with three men arrive. They are looking for their friends that Rick killed in episode 8. Rick lies and tells them that the two men shot at them first, but ultimately the men don’t believe him and a gun battle ensues.

Glenn makes a run for the car with Hershel providing cover. Hershel shoots one of the guys and walkers appear and begin to devour the body. A second man falls and impales his leg on a fence and the third man heads for the hills, leaving his friend behind.

Rick and the other two manage to fight off the zombies long enough to free the impaled man. They load him into their car and bring him back with them to the farm.

Once back at the farm, the group decides to blindfold the man and dump him off a short distance away. This probably won’t be the last time viewers see the man as the spoiler alludes, he will reappear next episode.

The final scene of the episode features a conversation between Lori and Rick. She tells him that Shane probably killed Otis and that he’s dangerous. She warns Rick that Shane won’t stop until he does something about it.

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