Watch Love Bites Season 1 Episode 7 Online Boys to Men

Watch Love Bites season 1 episode 7 Online Full Video with an episode title of “Boys to Men” which set to air this Thursday July 14 at 10 pm on NBC. But you can watch Love Bites Episode 7 Online here for free that usually available after it was aired.

Love Bites Episode 7 Synopsis. Colleen’s (Constance Zimmer) nephew Ben (Skylar Astin) is nursing a broken heart after a breakup and comes to house-sit while Colleen and Judd (Greg Grunberg) are away. When the fiery Marissa (Rebecca Creskoff, “Hung”) shows up, infuriated about her own love life, Ben gets a lesson in love that he wasn’t anticipating. Meanwhile, after a crazy night with Steffi (Aimee Garcia, “Trauma”), Tommy (Ian Reed Kessler, “(500) Days of Summer”) thinks he’s in the clear as Steffi prepares to leave the next morning. When Steffi gets a call that her father is in the hospital, Tommy finds he won’t be making the clean getaway he planned. Also, as Annie’s (Becki Newton) brother-in-law Dale (Chris Gorham, “Covert Affairs”) prepares for the arrival of the new baby, he is distracted by a flirty new receptionist who seems intent in striking up a relationship. Becki Newton also stars.

Romantic stories revolve around love, sex, marriage and dating and these concepts will be tackled in the television series Love Bites Season 1. Love Bites is an American television series which features three loosely connected modern love stories. Love definitely moves in mysterious ways and when love strikes a person, there is no one who could question it from him or her.

On the previous episode of the show, the episode explored what happens when anyone shares too much information. To continue to get hooked with the latest topics tackled in the show, you can watch Love Bites Season 1 Episode 7 online on July 14, 2011. Maturity is the focus of the theme next week. To site a simple example, Colleen’s nephew, Ben will be nursing a broken heart after a breakup and will come to house-sit while Colleen and Judd are gone out of town.

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