The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 20 (LAST-DAY)

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 20 The Last Day Full ONline Stream For Free. The last week episode has stirred everyone’s night because of the secrets that had been revealed. We had been surprised by the fact that Klaus is a hybrid, a half vampire and a half werewolf. Wow, what a surprise, knowing that the main antagonist of this season is not a usual vampire and ordinary werewolf, that they used fighting before. All of this information has been revealed when Elena brings Elijah back to life and what a more surprising here is that, Klaus is Elijah brother yet they hate each other. And one of the triggering episode last week is the conflict between the Salvatore brothers, when Damon and Stefan are arguing on what’s the best way to protect Elena. And think about on Luka’s sister, she goes into the side of Klause, made an appearance when Klaus exchanged Alaric body’s to his own by the help of his witch. Well, Jenna finally know all of the truth and it has been a dramatic encounter between her and Elena. The flashback of Elijah about his past back into the 14th century when everything started, during the day he first meet Katherine, and the same time, the first meeting of Katherine and Klaus too.

Let’s not forget the last week episode but open our eyes in the upcoming one because it will bring so much action, and drama, after all of those revelation. We should prepare ourselves as the vampire diaries season 2 is soon to bid its farewell the next month. As like what the MTV describe this episode, The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 20: The Last Day is an action packed, lust filled and wild, sexy ride! Probably, it is, we will also see the werewolves back in the Mystic falls it will surely be a sizzling episode with the vampires and the werewolves as the full moon is approaching. Another one is that Tyler completer transformation seems like to arrive also during the coming of the full moon. Elena and Stefan definitely spend in a romantic day together knowing that this might be their last. Everyone is worried about the coming of the full moon, because it is the time marking the arrival of the sacrifice ritual, on which Elena’s life is on danger. Elena is the one to be sacrifice and Damon is will do any measure against Klaus to ensure that Elena will be safe. Until now, Damon and Stefan are still in conflict on how to protect Elena and it leads into the involvement of some characters into the bloody games that will happen in this coming episode and specifically hosted by Klaus.

Better not to forbid yourself to watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 20, by any means you might watc it online or in your TV set and experienced this episode before we jump into the season finale on May 12, 2011. And to by watching the remaining episode, is the only way you can keep up and have an idea about the latest happening on the life of the hottest and handsome vampire in town, together with the woman who catch their attention.

Let's just put things this way: Damon is most definitely not on board with Elena's plan to use Elijah and his plans to prevent Klaus from sacrificing her. And when Stefan decides to support Elena - for better or for worse - the tension between the Salvatore brothers grows.

On the next new episode of The Vampire Diaries, airing on April 28, Damon goes to great lengths to ensure that Elena doesn't become Klaus' next victim. Because of his actions, he and Stefan are pitted against each other, which leads to a big fight between the two (which can be seen briefly in the trailer for the episode). But none of the tension between the brothers stops Stefan from spending a romantic day with Elena, afraid that it might be their last together.

Tyler fans can rest easy, though. The werewolf returns to Mystic Falls after receiving a phone call with some disturbing news.

You can watch a sneak peek from the April 28 episode, featuring a conversation between Damon and Stefan, below. Then go take a peek at promo photos for the May 5 episode of The Vampire Diaries, and photos from the season 2 finale, which will be taking place on May 12.

Damon is willing to prevent harm to extreme measures Klaus von Elena. His actions Damon and Stefan pit against each other, and the tension that began between the two brewers over their differing opinions as Elena protest turned into open conflict. Tyler gets on phone calls and returns to Mystic Falls. With the full moon, marking the arrival of the sacrificial ritual, Stefan and Elena together spend a romantic day, worried that it might be their last.

The story begins about two weeks ago, when Klaus came into the scene. The wise vampire Elena put in grave danger after he after her stalking and sending the women’s creepy news that is really disturbing. Knowing that Klaus was one of the original vampires existed long before the came Salvatore, Damon was really upset and worried about Elena’s security and lead to Klaus catch what it may. However, the question of Elena’s protection is a new conflict between the brothers after Damon and Stefan could not agree on a better measure of their beloved lady keep out of danger. It seems that the rivalry is now a big problem, and Klaus was only a second headache. On the other hand, spent Elena and Stefan quality days with each other and the romance is distributed in the air. You really have to, because seamless as what the episode title says already, it might be their last day after the full moon, and there is another ritual of sacrifice. Hey there, do not forget, The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode episode 20 – The last day on the night and continue airing again your addiction with the most beautiful vampires on earth follow every Thursday evening.

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